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lunedì 6 agosto 2012

Palau Perhentian Besar

After less than an hour on a boat from the east coast of Malaysia, the laid-back atmosphere and the natural beauty of the Perhentian islands immediately transport you to a different world. The white sand is dotted with sun-worshipping holiday makers, some retreating to the shade for a glass of freshly squeezed juice. A group of scuba divers are boarding a boat to venture out into the turquoise waters and submerge themselves in the underwater wonderland. Later, as the sun sets, a quiet buzz of music and chatter fills the air, together with the thin wisp of smoke from the barbeque fire.

The Perhentian Islands are two islands named 
Pulau Perhentian Kecil (Small Perhentian Island) andPulau Perhentian Besar (Large Perhentian Island). The Malay name Perhentian is translated as “place to stop” and this is exactly what these two islands were for traders travelling between Malaysia and Bangkok in years gone by. These islands are still a gorgeous place to stop and rest today, albeit for tourists disconnecting from the stress and routine of everyday life and not for weary seafaring traders. 

Palau Perhentian is located in the South China Sea 21 km from the coast of Kuala Besut, Terengganut. For hundred of years ago vessel sailing from the south coast of Peninsular Malaysia to Bangkok will stop-by for a rest and shelter at the Island. They all an ancient merchant carrying food, jewelry, vast and etc. As the activities of merchants, sailors and traders from the South of Chinese Sea have taken place, the island is getting popular for their 'one stop station', these Islands were named as 'Once Stop Island' so called 'Pulau Perhentian' in Malay language.It comprises of two islands; Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Both islands are surrounded by beautiful palm-fringed powdery white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise-blue sea.

The two Perhentian Islands are rated as some of the most beautiful islands in the world; a virtual paradise for snorkelling and diving in crystal-clear water or just for lazing on one of the white sandy beaches waiting for the coconuts to drop …

The island is gifted with turquoise water, at many you can gaze down at fish swimming around your legs. To the south of the island, beaches are always separated by rocky edges. There is always fantastic coral near the rock. Always pay more attention when you swim near to the rock, waves hit to the rocks are always strong.
There are a number of trails leading from one beach to the next overland. The most common one starts from behind Pelangi Resort at Teluk Dalam. The first part of the trek is a bit of ‘breath shorting’ with many climbing up. However it takes only few minutes before you can sooth your breath. It is an exhilarating experience clambering through the rainforest. Then you will exit at Perhentian Island Resort, a beautiful and exclusive resort stands behind a long sandy beach at Teluk Puah. Take a rest here, or if you are prepared, go for a swim in the sea. Lovely coral and white fine sand is an irresistible temptation. To go back to Teluk Dalam, you can cross the wooden bridge at the entrance of Perhentian Island Resort to Coral View Resort then continue till Abdul Chalet. Take the trail beside the Abduls. A few minutes climb before you are back to the beach again. Then from here you can choose to take the jungle trail or to climb over the big rocks by the sea which is bit treacherous. Anyway, all the treks are clearly marked.

There is a proper and well maintained jetty at Teluk Puah, near the entrance of Perhentian Island Resort. During evening time, there are people jigging squib here. Sometime there are small cages in the water with crabs inside. This is a simple trap set by the island people to catch crab. The jetty is an ideal place to go if you want something different than to lay on the lazy chair listen to waves and watching the stars in evening.

To get to the Perhentian Island or Pulau Perhentian (in Malay),The only way to go there is by the sea especially a boat services from Kuala Besut. Arriving on Kuala Besut jetty please come to our sales office (Anjung Holidays) nearby the jetty, and our staff will help and give you free information about how to get the boat and about the resort on Perhentian Island.


- Drive through Karak Highway...Raub...Gua Musang...Kuala Krai...Jerteh...Kuala Besut.

- Drive through Karak Highway...Kuantan...Kuala terengganu...Jerteh...Kuala Besut.

. Take Bus from Hentian putra bus stand and stop at Kuala Besut Jetty or Jerteh bus stand.

 - Mahligai express- + 603-40428533

 - Mutiara express- + 603-40433655

 - Transnasional- + 603-40438984

- Train from K.L. Sentral to Tanah Merah train station

- Flight from KLIA or Subang to Kota Bharu airport  ( MAS...FIREFLY...or AIRASIA  )


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